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viernes, 11 de febrero de 2022

What is a CEO and what are his functions in a company? 馃憠馃憠

 What is a CEO and what are his functions in a company?

CEO is the acronym for the English term "Chief Executive Officer" which translates into Spanish as "executive director" and is used to refer to the person who occupies the highest management position in the hierarchy of an organization.

The good management of a company is given from the top by its highest ranking positions who plan and develop techniques for the fulfillment of the proposed objectives. To learn more, we must unfailingly answer the question: what is a CEO?, Today we bring you a very attractive content to show you why this position is so important to achieve the goals in any large or small company. His skills and functions will make a difference.

 Do you want to know more about CEOs? You can't stop reading!

 What is a CEO?


A CEO or Chief Executive Officer has several meanings in Spanish, such as:

chief executive,
Executive Director,
Managing Director,
General manager,
among others.
In short, it is the highest authority of direction and administrative management of a company, an organization, an association or an institution.


This position must not only ensure the planning and execution of techniques for the fulfillment of the objectives, but also verify if it is necessary to generate any changes to achieve them. 
I will give you an example: if it is an old company and it is not obtaining the desired results, the most likely thing is that it is because it is getting stuck in the old marketing format. 

A good CEO must grasp this deficiency and try to catch up with technology through a digital transformation.

 Can any company owner be called CEO?
The answer is no! The owner is not always going to be the CEO or vice versa.
This only happens in special cases such as startups because being so small and new, the owners know their management better and are better able to do business, they fulfill two functions.
But it does not happen in all cases, for example in Microsoft the CEO of the company is actually Satya Nadella but until 2008 it was Bill Gates himself (co-founder with Paul Allen) who is also one of the owners of the company.
Today Bill Gates is part owner but is not the CEO.
What is the role of the CEO in a company?
Know the most relevant functions of this important position:
Supervision of the vision and mission of the company
One of the most important functions of a corporate CEO is to distribute truthful information ensuring that all employees know the goals, mission and vision that the company pursues.

Strategic plan

Once the objectives and values ​​have been communicated to all employees, the CEO must plan and implement the necessary strategies to ensure that they are achieved.
All parts of the company must be coordinated with each other, advancing together to achieve the established goals.
Create a good team and manage it
A good CEO knows his limits, therefore he knows that he cannot perform all his functions by himself. That is why it is necessary to create a trusted team that can delegate functions and fulfill them in accordance with the company's vision.
concern for customers
For a company to maximize its profits, it must satisfy its customers with excellent service.
The General Manager must develop a strategy for each type of client because each type presents a different challenge and the economic flow depends on it.


 What skills does a good CEO need?


As one of the most important positions in the company structure, you must have different skills to be a good CEO:
 recognizes the work of his team;
he must have skills to create a good work environment;
he is honest in his work;
promotes a strong and solid organizational culture;
Act decisively even if you initially do not respond to the demands of other collaborators;
believes in its employees and creates an atmosphere of trust to better perform their duties;
develops skills and abilities for himself and his team in general to be respected by his teammates for his talents.
He must be clear about the objectives of the company and do everything possible to achieve them.
The CEO must not only be a boss but also an exemplary leader who can inspire confidence by having a clear vision, having empathy and being a good teacher.

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